Rite In The Rain Paper:

On all our logs we offer an optional upgrade of "Rite In The Rain" paper.

This is an amazing material!

It looks just like paper, it feels just like paper, and you can write on it with a ballpoint just like paper. But, unlike normal paper, you can run it under a tap for minutes and it just shrugs the water off! In tests, we have even immersed it for a minute, taken it out, padded it dry with a towel, and then started writing on it with no problems!

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When water is poured on
it just pools on the surface
- it does not get absorbed.
5 minutes later and the
water is still just sitting
on the surface.
10 minutes later and we
dry it off with a cloth
and can still write on it!

If you want a log book that can stand up to the worst of conditions then this is for you!

As one of our customers said:

"These are great! I soaked them for hours and the ink stayed on, the paper stayed solid, and when they dried later I was able to write on them again. (Didn't try writing wet...) We'll buy these for as long as you sell them"

The secret is a special coating that is put onto the paper in a unique process:

Another nice feature is that both the production process and material are environmentally friendly; the paper can be disposed of normally, unlike plastic papers.

Of course, any water based ink pen (such as fibre tips), and log book stamps, will not work on a water repellent coating so you may want to think twice if you will be using these. It is also important to remember that Rite In The Rain is not designed to be taken underwater for long periods!

Finally, the makers of the paper recommend that Space Pens are used with it because of the design of the ink. However, we have found that a good quality ball point will usually work just as well.

We are so impressed with the qualities of the paper that we are now adding it as an optional extra to the entire Dive-Logs range. A small upgrade cost of £2.46 (£2.95 inc VAT) per pack will mean “Rite in the Rain” paper will be used - even in our Log Designer service. Just look out for the opportunity to upgrade as you add items to your shopping cart.

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Just wanted to say what an exceptional website you have created. It was simple to use and really straightforward

I can't tell you the amount of times my money has gone back in my pocket because a website became too much hassle to work through. Yours is seriously comprehensive and as for the log designer page, I can only take my hat off to the designer who first got that load of information and was briefed to make it idiot proof!

I received my first dive stamp from you yesterday and it was just as it said it would be on the package thank you.
Catherine, Somerset

Dive-Logs win in the
regional final of the
2005 eCommerce Awards!
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