Gear Keeper SCUBA Retractor Accessory

These are the top of the range Gear Keeper Scuba Retractors from Hammerhead Industries. No more searching! Grab it! Use It! Let it go!. This is a high break strength, salt water proof, self-flushing retractor system with multiple fixing options.

This has a patented self-flushing system - sand or debris is flushed from inside during use.

We sell four models, the mini retractor (3 oz force) is nice and compact with a 36 inch extension and is absolutely perfect for our fish ID cards or similar small slates.

The medium (9 oz force) is best designed for flash lights with an extension of 31 inches.

The large scuba retractor (12 oz force) is perfect for light consoles, cameras, or heavy flashlights and comes with a choice of fixing options with a clip or webbing fastening for the unit plus split ring or lanyard for the attachment. This one also has the longest extension of 42 inches.

Specifications on the larger model with a super 24oz force include: nylon line with kevlar core, stainless steel spring and hardware, 90cm (32") extension, high strength retraction force, high strength locking mechanism. Suitable for heavy consoles and medium cameras.

We also sell a range of accessories for the Gear keeper retractors that will fit the medium, large, and extra large models.

Gear Keeper are the Rolls Royce of retractor systems!

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Mini Retractor (compasses, knives, whistles)
at a price of 14.13 (16.95 inc VAT).

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Medium Retractor (flashlights)
at a price of 16.62 (19.95 inc VAT).

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Large Retractor plus attachment package
at a price of 21.62 (25.95 inc VAT).

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Extra Large Retractor (Heavy consoles)
at a price of 23.29 (27.95 inc VAT).
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Just like to reply and say thanks for the astonishing service you have provided, this courtesy e-mail is the icing on the cake. Rest assured you'll have my business again and both my dive buddies are now perusing the catalogue you sent, for a stamp of their own.

Good luck for the future.
Richard, Cambridgeshire

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